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General Home Inspections

During a general home inspection, all levels of your home will be visually inspected and all major systems will be tested. Common defects, safety concerns, and issues that might require consultation from an expert will be noted in a comprehensive, professional inspection report that is easy to understand. Please refer to my Standards of Practice for a full list of included and excluded inspection items.

Buyer’s Inspection

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. A buyer’s inspection will provide you with valuable information about the condition of your potential new home.

Seller’s Inspection

Some sellers choose to inspect their home before listing it. The advantage of having this type of inspection is that you will be able to see your home through the lens of a critical third-party and receive an unbiased opinion about the condition of your home.

New Home Construction

Even your brand new house may have defects that can or should be addressed by the builder before you move in. A home inspection can help you identify any defects or issues.

1-Year Builder’s Warranty

Most builders offer a 1-year warrant which protects you from defects or issues with your new home that might surface during your first year of ownership. Having your home inspected near the end of this critical period can help you identify defects and issues that are covered under your warranty and should be addressed by your builder before it expires.

Specific or Add-On Inspections

Real estate transactions move quickly and can be stressful which is why you need a one-stop-shop for all of your home inspection needs. Look no further. Hook and Ladder Home Inspections partners with reputable local providers to bring you the following additional services, if you should need them:

  • Mold inspections

  • Radon testing and mitigation

  • Wood-destroying organism inspections

  • Well-water quality testing and inspections

  • Moisture intrusion inspections

  • Infra-red inspections

  • Electro-magnetic field monitoring

If you need any of these additional services, please call me to make your inspection appointment so that I can coordinate. With a little notice, I am typically able to get additional specialized inspection services arranged for the same day and time as your general inspection.

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